Halogen Bulbs - Bayonet Cap

15mm bayonet cap bulbs.  12v.  Choose wattage and number of contacts.

Halogen Bus Bulb - 12v

B22D 22mm bayonet cap halogen bus bulb.  12v, Choose watts.

Please note the picture is for reference purpose only. The original product may vary in colour, shape and size. For further information please contact us.

Halogens - G4, 12v

12v.  Choose wattage.

Halogen Dichroic - 12v 10W

Halogen Bulb - 28v

28v 20W.

This is a useful bulb if your alternator causes 24 volt bulbs to fail.

Headlamp Bulb

12v, 55W.  Choose regular or Xenon.

Xenon Bulb

28v 10W.