SmartGauge Range - Merlin

1) The Smartgauge is a very small, but clever piece of equipment. It not only gives voltage readings for engine start and domestic batteries, but also gives a percentage reading of the amount of 'juice' left in your domestic batteries.  It is self calibrating and uses Peukerts law to do its calculations.

It is almost compulsory equipment for continuous cruising live-aboards as it indicates when the engine should be started AND when it can be stopped. It could pay for itself in months, certainly with the way fuel prices are going.

2) The Smartbank unit is the clever way to connect batteries as required to ensure best charging. It should be used with one or more SmartRelays, depending on the number of battery banks.

3) The Smart system kit includes a SmartBank Advanced, a heavy duty SmartRelay and a 5 metre cable to connect between units. For comprehensive details see

Battery Cable Connection Leads

These leads (one red and one black are long enough to connect two batteries together when placed side by side.

We have two thicknesses available 25 sq mm and 40 sq mm

Please contact us for different lengths or thicknesses

Battery Isolation Switch KEY

This key fits most isolation switches.

Spare key for when you drop yours into the engine bay and can't find it again!

Battery Isolation Switches

60mm dia base.  Approx 100mm long.  22mm dia cutout + 2 x 6mm cutouts for bolts.  Max power input for 12v:  1000 amps; for 24v:  500 amps (10 seconds).  Connections are 10mm studs with bolts supplied.

Battery Switch - Heavy Duty

Black heavy duty three way switch.

Connects power to Battery bank 1, 2 or both. Also disconnects the power.

No key to lose!


Battery Terminal Covers

Priced per pair, one black and one red.

Battery Terminals

Choose stud size either an 8mm stud or a 10mm one.

Terminals are different sizes for positive and negative posts.