Painted Canal Ware


Painted Buckby Can


These are the traditional water cans which were used by boatmen for carrying their fresh water. Painted with roses. One normally sits on the roof with the mop handle through it.

The name comes from Long Buckby, which is where they were originally made (at the other end of the flight of locks to where we are situated!)

These come in different sizes and different colours to suit your boat or your preference, (blue & red shown). 

Painted Bucket

Standard bucket painted with traditional roses.
Height 180mm (7"0) Diameter 150mm (6").

Painted Coal Hod

These small coal hods can be used for loading the solid fuel stove, but we think they look too attractive to be used! The choice is yours . . .

Painted Jug

Painted jugs in a choice of colours and sizes.

Painted Milk Churn


These large milk churns can be used for storage or just as decoration. They stand 19" (48cm) high and the lid can be padlocked for security. 

They come in a choice of colours.