We stock a wide range of paint from all the major manufacturers. This includes gloss enamel, varnish, bilge paint, anti-slip paint and bitumen, both for hulls and water tanks.

For paint not shown here yet, please call and ask as we may well stock it.


Craftmaster Gloss Paint - 1 litre


This is probably the next best paint after Masons, but easier to use and get a good finish with. Supplied in 1 litre tins.

If the colour you want isn't listed here, please contact us and we will add it. 

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Craftmaster Primer, Grey - 1 litre


A good quality primer from Craftmaster supplied in 1 litre tins.

Craftmaster Undercoat - 1 litre


If you are going to use Craftmaster paint as the top coat (and even if not!), why not use Craftmaster Undercoat. Supplied in 1 litre tins.

If the colour you want isn't listed here, please contact us and we will add it.

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Epifanes Gloss Paint - 750ml

Epifanes is a well respected brand of marine paint, often used on offshore boats, but available from us for use on canal boats, where their excellent durability will be beneficial.

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Epifanes Multi Marine Primer - 750ml

Epifanes Multi Marine Primer is an excellent primer for bare steel prior to using any of the undercoats and gloss paints. It is in a neutral mid-grey colour in 750ml tins.

Epifanes Multiforte Paint - 4l

Epifanes Multiforte is a durable satin finish paint, ideal for decks or cabin roofs. It is available in 4 litre tins.

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Hempel Gloss Paint (various sizes)


Hempel used to be known as  Blakes.  Available in 750ml or 2.5 litres. 

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International Toplac Paint - 750ml


The brand leading gloss paint for narrowboats.  These tins of gloss enamel are ideal for cabin sides and hold their gloss and colour for years.

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Masons P Type Gloss Enamel - 1 litre


Many top class boat builders paint boats in Masons paint, recognised as one of the best quality paints available for boats. Many boaters are also painting their boats with this paint.

We stock a small range of colours, but can get hundreds of shades if you can supply the colour name and code. If you want shades or quantities not shown online, please contact us and we will supply what you require.

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Protectakote - 1 litre

£17.95 - £24.95
This is the best paint for non-slip applications. It contains small rubber granules which are not only kind to hands and knees, but also kinder to any previously applied primer or other paint. It is meant to be applied quite thickly at about 1 square metre per litre, but I have found that on boats you can get a good surface at about 3 sq. m per litre.

Colours marked UVR have greater ultra-violet resistance.  Price varies with colour.

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