By Geoffrey Lewis
I think Geoffrey Lewis has penned a good intriguing story with a backdrop of the English canal system. Not so much a who-dun-it, more of a when will they get their comeuppance.

Sleep No More Book

By Tom Rolt

Re-issued by The History Press in January 2010.
First published by Constable in 1948.

"Tom Rolt's centenary in 2010 sees the re-issue of a tranche of his many books, revealing his passions, obsessions and intricate knowledge of whatever subject he was turning his had to at the time.

There was nothing flowery about Tom Rolt, though he indulged a different side of himself by writing some cracking short ghost stories, as in Sleep no more: Railway Canal and Other Stories of the Supernatural".

Starlight Book

A story of two boys both hailing from a time towards the end of the boatee's canal lifestyle. One from the cut and the other from a town of the 1950's.  The story twists and turns around their cultural, lifestyle and family differences. Set in the days before "Political Correctness" the book also captures another time that like canal life has been and gone.

One Summer On The Cut

By Graham Beard

"It’s 1964

The swinging Sixties, the Space Race, Beatlemania and Carnaby Street.

And on England’s forgotten canals a few boating families are still at work, their way of life hardly changed in a hundred years.

Mike, fascinated by the canal and boats, enters this strange and secret world. Making friends with Kit, a boy off the canal, Mike experiences the boaters’ tough outdoor life and learns the lore of the waterways.

Share Mike’s exciting voyage of adventure with Kit and his family to its thrilling end. Discover the wonderful, secret, unique and now disappeared life of 'The Cut'."

The Boat Girls Book

By Margaret Mayhew
It is 1943, and three very different girls are longing to do their bit for the war effort. Frances, Prudence and Rosalind become friends when they join the women working the canal boats. A tough, unglamorous task – but one which brings them all unexpected rewards.

The Narrowboat Girl Book

By Annie Murray
An absorbing tale of adventure and true love Young Maryann Nelson is devastated at the loss of her beloved father. . . . The chance of a new life opens up for Maryann when she befriends Joel Bartholomew. Aboard his narrowboat, the Esther Jane, she finds herself falling in love with life on the canal as she is swept away from Birmingham and all her worries.

Water Gypsies Book

By Annie Murray
It is 1942, and after a childhood of suffering in Birmingham, Maryann Bartholomew has built a life of happiness and safety with her husband Joel and their children, working the canals on his narrowboat, the Esther Jane. But the back-breaking work and constant childbearing take their toll on Maryann...

Getaway with Murder Book

By Leo McNeir

The first published volume in the Marnie Walker series finds her caught up in a story of bigotry and persecution enduring across hundreds of years.

Death In Little Venice Book

By Leo McNeir

Death in Little Venice is the second story in the Marnie Walker series. It is a tale of loyalty and treachery, intrigue and deceit. The main suspects join forces to prove their innocence of murder, but no one is convinced by their story. And can they even trust each other?

Kiss & Tell Book

By Leo McNeir

In book three of the Marnie Walker series, she finds herself embroiled against her will in a battle to save a career ruined by persecution in the media and hounding by the press.