240v Inlet - Surface Mounted

Adapt It - Adapter 4

Adapt-it 4
Crododile clips to cigar socket.

Adapter - 5amp Plug to Cig Lighter Socket

Adapter - Cigar 2 in to 1

Adapt-It - Adapter 2

From three pin 2 amp plug to cigar socket.

Adapt-It - Adapter 3


ANL Fuse 250amp

Tin-plated connector blades for corrosion resistance. Visible indication of blown condition. 6000 Amp Interrupt Capacity (AIC) satisfies ABYC requirements for main DC circuit protection on large battery banks

ANL Fuse Holder

5/16" stug terminals accept wire terminals up to 120mm2 (0000AWG).
For use on systems up to 32 VDC, (up to 300amp).

Battery Chargers - CTEK

Safe, simple to use & fully automatic. CTEK is a durable switch mode charger with many different features and weather proof. Safe to connect without disconnecting your battery & can be left connected 24/7 for months. When full charge is reached the charger will switch to maintenance mode keeping your battery in optimum condition during the off season and also extending the life of your battery. CTEK are an ideal Automotive battery charger for your Car, 4WD, Motorcycle, Scooter, Jet ski, ATV Quad Bike, Truck, Marine, Boat, Caravan, Motorhome and Workshop. Suitable for use on Flooded Lead Acid, MF, Calcium & most AGM & Gel batteries.

The Multi XS3600 has Extra power to fast charge large batteries quickly and for use in cold climates.

The Multi MXS7000 (7A) has a 8 Step operation. Extra functions include 12V power supply to use in the absence of batteries & Boost/Recondition mode to recondition batteries after deep discharging. The SUPPLY mode means the battery charger provides power even without a battery.

The MULTI MXS25000 (25A) is the perfect choice for batteries that require quick charging, including caravans, boats and the workshop. The temperature sensor adjusts the charge voltage to suit the battery’s temperature to guarantee effective battery charging in all climates. Using its SUPPLY mode, the battery charger provides power even without a battery.

Bus Bar & Cover

Amperage: continuous current 100A AC/DC
Material: bus-tin plated copper, body-ABS
Max voltage: 48V DC / 300V AC
Dimensions: 106.68mm x 22.23mm