Windlasses & Equipment

These are the useful things which are either essential to cruise canals or add to your cruising pleasure

Anchor Kit

This kit includes all you need to have a usable anchor on board (not including the anchor). It consists of 15m of rope and 5m of chain, along with the necessary shackles, thimbles and splices.

Boat Pole - Aluminium

Lightweight aluminium boat pole 12" long.

Collection only, or local marina delivery recommended.

Please contact us if delivery required other than than the above.

Key - Anti-vandal (Handcuff)

Also known as a handcuff key.

Key - BW Watermate

This is the key which lets you in to all the British Waterways facilities and allows you to open locked lift and swing bridges.

No boater should travel the canals without one.

Key - Pump-out/Diesel/Water Filler

This multi-purpose key is very useful for opening all the caps fitted to your boat. The centre hexagon is used to open pump-out and rinse-out caps, whilst the side arm is used to open slotted caps such as diesel and water tank caps.

Maxigrab Recovery Magnet


If you want to retrieve something from the canal which is attracted to a magnet (windlass, mooring pin, padlock . . . ) then this handy pocket sized magnet is the thing to have.

The magnet is so strong that it shouldn't be handled by those wearing a pacemaker!!

It will lift an incredible weight, yet is so small and light that it is a very handy thing to have. The stainless steel casing makes it an attractive product too. We now have a brass casing model available which looks even smarter.

Dimensions - 50mm long (2") - 22mm diameter (3/4")

Mooring Chains

Mooring Pins

This is a 'must have' for every boat. We have three styles, all equally effective for holding your boat on its mooring.

Plank - Folding Ladder

The name describes it well. For most of the time it can be a lightweight boarding plank, but on those unfortunate occasions when someone falls in, it can be immediately turned into a rescue ladder. (It is also useful for access when blacking the boat, too)

The total weight is only 10kg, which is lighter than the average wooden plank.

The ladder-plank folds up when not in use and stands on its own four feet so you don't need to use pole and plank holders. Click icon below picture to see ladder folded.

The standard ladder-planks are just under 6 feet long and the ladder part is 15" wide with a steadying support 25" wide on one end. The alternative longer ladder-plank is just under 8 feet long, but otherwise the same.

Maximum safe weight on either ladder is 16 stone (100kg) when extended.

Tiller Bar Handles