TV & Radio Equipment


Aerial Clamp

A pair of clamps with wing nuts for quick removal of TV Aerial pole.

Backets can be attached temporarily with double sided pads (included) and permanently with screws through fixing holes. Clamps attach to brackets and lock into place with wing nuts, with or without aerial pole in place.

Aerial Mast Extension Pole

Extra section for Multimast or Unimast Aerial Poles

Aerial Mast Pole Set

This is a set of three connecting pole sections, along with a clamp set (for fixing to a caravan A frame - not much use if using on a boat!) - Very good value for getting a 10 foot long TV pole.

Aerial - Maxview Gazelle

Omni-directional roof mounted aerial, designed to receive all available analogue and digital UHF TV and VHF/FM and DAB signals through 360°.  No need for adjustment. 12v.

Aerial - Maxview High Gain

Designed to receive all available digital and analogue terrestrial UHF TV channels. Specifically for use on any touring vehicle.

Aerial - Maxwell Omnimax

The Maxview Omnimax Caravan and Boat aerial is specially designed for camping and marine use. The Maxview Omnimax is a truly omnidirectional aerial which means it does not need to be orientated. The built-in amplifier has a variable boost of up to 22dB and gives you a clear picture, even in areas where the reception signal is weak. The Maxview Omnimax aerial has a number of mounting possibilities including a magnetic mount. The supplied amplifier has two power settings 12V and 24V DC so it can be used from either a 12V or 24V battery.

Aerial Pole - Multimast

Aerial Pole - Telescopic

Three section extending pole with locking clamp at each joint

Aerial Pole - Unimast

Aerial - TV, Directional

This antenna will receive all UHF transmissions throughout the UK covering UHF (470-860Mhz).