Cleaning, Washing & Polishing


Bilgex 1 litre

Add to bilge water to remove grease and scum.  Concentrated. Non-caustic and biodegradable.


Biosok is the product to ensure you have environmentally friendly bilge water.

If you want to get rid of the oil and diesel in your bilge or under your engine, put a (Bio)sok in it! This sock breaks down fuel and oil into harmless natural products which won't harm the environment. The product gradually disappears (depending on the amount of diesel/oil it has to deal with) until eventually you are left with an empty sock, which means it's time to throw it away and get another one.


A metal polish designed to remove tarnish from brass, copper, chrome and stainless steel.  It is available as a liquid or as an impregnated wadding pad.

Cassette Tank Cleaner - 1ltr

Powerful fluid for periodical cleaning and maintenance of the waste-holding tank. Removes stubborn calcium deposits without the need to scrub. 1ltr

Glanol Metal Polish

Used to be known as Wenol.  Cleans and protect all metal surfaces.  Perfect for ceramic hobs, fibreglass and perspex. Choose tin or tube.

Liberon Brass and Copper Cleaner


Liberon Brass & Copper Cleaner is a mild-acid based cleaner that removes heavy tarnish from un-lacquered copper, brass and bronze.  It helps to de-grease as it cleans and can be buffed to a bright shine.

Pig Mats

Heavyweight Universal Pig Mat pads, great durability and absorbency.  42cm x 51m mat absorbs 946 mL/pad. Ideal for large volume leaks and spills.

Other great PIGĀ® features: Multiple layers held together with thermal bond points for added strength.; universal absorbency-they'll absorb water, oils, coolants and solvents, even acids; great liquid retention-even when saturated. Dimples! Who can resist.  White for oil and diesel, grey for everything. Price is per mat.

Polish - Hotspot Black Grate

Black polish for use on woodburning stoves, fire grates and surrounds. It gives a matt black finish and will not rub off once it has dried. Suitable for covering minor blemishes and rust. 170g tin or 25ml tube.

Polish - Hotspot Metal Polish

Hotspot Metal Polish cleans and protects brass, copper, steel, gold, silver and other metals. 150ml tube.

Toilet Cleaner, Marine - Jabsco

  • Cleans
  • Descales
  • Deodorises
  • Suitable for use is Manual and Electric toilets
  • Does NOT contain Hydrochloric acid which attacks stainless steel